It is a common practice to add landing pages/landers before the actual offer. Landers act as intermediary agent between your audience and the offers. It helps to gain trust from your audience to persuade them to convert on the offer page.
Apart from ushering and persuading the visitors, landers are able to filter traffic quality when used with some techniques. Please click here to learn more.
If you are new to creating landers, you might want to check how to set up servers and upload landers here.
Steps to create a new lander:
Step 1: Click on the Element dropdown menu and click Landers.
Step2: Click on the Create New Lander button.
Step 3: Fill in the required information, most importantly the lander URL, and hit the Save button. To understand more about the tokens in the URL, please click here.
Step 4 (Optional): Add spy-proof code by clicking on the Edit button under the Action column.
Copy and paste the Lander spy-proof code to your lander. If you are not sure about how to add this code, please click here for more information.
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