The process of posting data back and forth via tokens is known as postback.
There are two types of postbacks requires configuration.

1、Conversion postback from the affiliate network to AT.

AT’s global postback URL is:
https://yourtrackingdomain/p?uid=clickid&payout=commission &txid=orderid(optional)&status=status(optional)&options[test1]=remarks(optional)&options[test2]=remarks(optional)
The meaning for each token:
uid: The unique click id for each visitor.
payout: The commission paid for each conversion in US dollar.
txid: The order id or serial id. It is optional.
status: The order status, usually used for COD offer. It is optional.
options[test1]: Any other tokens that you want to post back. It is optional.
options[test2]: Any other tokens that you want to post back. It is optional.
The postback URL is set up in the traffic source. If you are unsure about how to set it up, please contact your traffic source account manager.
Where #s2# is ClickDealer’s token for uid, #price# is ClickDealer’s token for the payout.

2、Conversion postback from AT to the traffic source.

In some cases, like when using Smart CPA, you might want to post your campaigns’ conversions back to the traffic source for better Smart CPA performance.
Steps to add the postback link:
Step 1: Click Individual Campaign from the Campaigns dropdown menu. Edit the campaign from the Action column.
Step 2: Choose the Postback tab, copy and paste the postback URL from the traffic source. Save the changes to the campaign.