Individual Campaign

Individual campaigns, unlike campaign group, they target at a very detailed and specific audience. They are differentiated by different parameter combinations. For example, audience who are using android device, chrome browser and uses English language.

Steps to create a new individual campaign:

Step 1: Choose Individual Campaign from the Campaigns dropdown menu.

Step 2: Click the Create New Campaign button.

Step 3: Give the campaign a meaningful name (for better campaign management). Select a path for the campaign or click the +Path/+Rule button to create one. Choose a domain from the list (Your tracking domains). Determine campaign type whether its blacklist or whitelist campaign. A blacklist campaign is for filtering out the low-quality traffic, while a whitelist campaign is running on high-quality traffic. Choose the traffic source. Select the auto-optimization rule. Set the cost method as auto and fill in the cost per click. Choose the redirect method (Default is recommended). Click Save.

Step 4 (Optional): Toggle on the auto-optimization button for the campaign if you want to use auto-optimization for this campaign.