Campaign Group
Each individual campaign is targeting at a very detailed and specific audience using different combinations of the sub-parameters such as, country, device, OS and browser. Campaign group helps to put the individual campaigns together to form a big picture. It is easy to spot from a campaign group the most profitable parameter combinations.
Steps to create a new campaign group:
Step 1: Select Campaign Group from the Campaigns dropdown menu.
Step 2: Click the Create New Group button.
Step 3: Fill in the required information. Please note that it is important to choose the right traffic source and sub-parameters that you want to monitor, once chosen they are not modifiable. Save this new campaign group.
Step 4: Click the split button under the Action column to create individual campaigns under this campaign group.
Step 5: Fill in the required information as the same we do for creating individual campaigns, the only difference is the parameters settings. Save the new individual campaign under the campaign group.
Step 6 (Optional): Toggle on the auto-optimization button for the campaign group if needed.
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