Auto-optimization rules are meant to help our customers to free themselves from the nitty gritty work of manual optimization. Read more about it here.
Steps to create a new auto-optimization rule:
Step 1: Click the Auto-optimization from the Rules dropdown menu.
Step 2: Click the Create New Rule.
Step 3: Fill in the necessary information and hit Save.
Step 4: Click the Edit button under the Actions column to add/edit the conditions for auto-optimization.
Step 5: Click the Create New Condition to choose the actions you want AT to take for you. We use blacklisting sub-placement as an example here.
Step 6: Choose a time range.
Step 7: Click Add to add a condition. Choose a variable from the dropdown list. These are the variables that AT is able to monitor across all your campaigns. Please note that though you may add multiple conditions with different variable threshold, yet each of these variables can only be used once under the same auto-optimization rule. Plan your condition strategy properly to avoid using the same variable repeatedly.
Step 8: Set the first condition as “when the number of impressions is greater than 100”, second condition as “when the LP CTR (%) is less than 5”. This setting will make AT automatically blacklist all sub-placements that give more than 100 impression and are with lander clickthrough rate less than 5%.
Step 9: Toggle on Execute if you want AT to automatically execute the blacklisting. Toggle on Alert to let AT alert you about the blacklisting through sms. Hit Save to finish creating this new condition.
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