Quick Start
This quick start section will use one example to show you how to start running real offers. We use ClickDealer’s offers and PopCash’s traffic in this example.
Apply for an offer from ClickDealer and add this offer to AT.
In the ClickDealer’s offer page, get the tracking link. {var3} for S1 and {clickid} for SUB ID2.
Copy the URL to clipboard.
Paste the copied offer URL to create a new offer.
Add postback URL in the ClickDealer
Add a new lander.
Add the spy-proof code to the lander
Create a new path with the new offer and lander we have just created.
Create an auto-optimization rule and add conditions to it.
Create a campaign group and the individual campaigns in it.
Create new campaign in PopCash.
Copy the campaign URL.
Paste the campaign URL to PopCash.
Choose campaign status after approval. Select country.
Select devices.
Select OS.
Select browser.
Create Campaign. Run it after approval.
Observe the best-performing combinations of the parameters in the campaign group.
Check the performance data in the campaign report.
Let the auto-optimization rules to pick out the performing sub-placement to scale up the campaign.
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